chocolate cravings and beautiful things

I really really love chocolate and beautiful things and what keeps me focused on my goals is so that I can be able to live the life that I truly desire. And there’s really nothing wrong with going after your goals. Talking about goals, I promised to share with you my 8 new year’s goals. I hope they inspire you.

1. Master myself

One of my major goals this year is to become more confident and optimistic. I’d like to have a better outlook towards life and develop my career, creativity and music. I’d like to create my own brand, to honour my struggle and to just be myself. I’d also like to tag others along with me in the journey of self- discovery. I’m also Christian and I love the Lord and I hope to have a more personal experience with Him.

2. Perfect my Languages

I’ve been learning French and Spanish and I really want to perfect those two languages, so I hope to finish learning French level C1 and do my Spanish level A2 exams.

3. Make good progress in my music

I love love love playing the piano and guitar. I’ve made such good progress in both instruments but I put guitar on hold for a while to solely focus on piano. I’m in level 3 and I hope to do my level 2 exams by the end of the year.

4. Get better grades at school

This is really important for me because I’m really passionate about the career I hope to do so I’d like to get more focused and read more to understand my field better.

5. Chocolate cravings and beautiful things

I’m a spend thrift. Truth is I have chocolate cravings and I love beautiful things but I have to learn how to save more – 30% of every income- to save for my masters and to develop my creative career. I’d also like to save to upgrade this blog and be more frequent in posting this year.

6. Health

This is about my health and yes, I want to take care of my physical and mental health. To take more water and get enough rest each night so that I have enough energy for the next day and I’m able to serve with excellence. Also, since jogging in the morning is a bit too hard for me, I plan to exercise in the evenings just to keep my heart running.

7. Live my life

I realize that life can get too fast and there can be a lot of pressure to be the best right now. But its okay to be where I am and embrace every step of the way. This is the year that I choose to do my thing no matter what anyone else thinks, says or does. I’m also determined to keep the friends that are truly there for me and to avoid negative energy always.

8. Love

I’d like to show more love to my family and to the community. I’m also unclear of what I want in a man (when I know it I’ll share it with you guys), so I don’t think I want to fall in love any time soon until I’m surely certain about what I want. However, I’m a hopeless romantic and if I meet anyone who meets my needs, you’ll be the first to know.

These are my new year’s goals. I keep them few and achievable because every small step I make is important for me. I hope my goals inspire you and in case you find it hard to make or follow through goals, let me know in the comment section below and I’ll do a post on how to set achievable goals. I wish you the best as you achieve your goals this year.

Till next time,

2019 savvvvvvvvvvvvy,



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Young beautiful woman has a rest sitting near the fountain

I am so really grateful for you guys. I’m grateful for your love and your support and your inspiration this year. You have truly been a blessing. I am also very thankful to have readers from all over the world. Thanks, internet. I really truly absolutely love you all. I’d like to do a 2018 year’s review and it would be very nice of you to give me your feedback on what you liked, what you didn’t like and how I can improve Psychic Social. Also, comment below if you’d like to write for Psychic Social.

Psychic Social has managed to write 10 blog posts this year with 2 authors, thanks Kampala. Our readers are mainly from Kenya, South Africa, and the USA. We have reached over 300 views. That’s an average of 30 per post. Thanks guys so much. My heart goes out to our readers. Y’all have made this possible. I hope that Psychic Social has helped you learn how to manage yourself, others and what you have. Thanks also for being savvvvvvy by heart. We can all make life easier and the world a better place.

Next year’s theme is: To Dallas. I usually pick a city I’m really interested in each year and try to learn about the people, their values, favourite places, accent, food and more. I’d like you to join me in learning about Dallas.

So till next year,

To Dallas

Stay Savvvvvvvvy

Yours with love,


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We're all made of hinges


It’s New Year’s Eve and I am so grateful for the blessings y’all have been in 2018. Thank you for being so patient even if I haven’t posted every week like I promised. I hoped to just wind up the year today but I’m going to write as usual then do a different blog to wind up the year. That way you get 2 blog posts today! I hope that I have been an inspiration and wish to inspire you today even as the year ends.

For now, let’s jump right in!

‘Don’t be too hard on yourself,’ one of my very best friends James said this to me not too long ago after I got beaten down by reckless words. For someone who I’ve spent a lot of time with to tell me this, probably means that it’s something he has observed and probably knows how hard I am on myself.

I knew right away that something had to change. And all this is probably because of my Neuroticism. I’m a worrier and partly a perfectionist. We are all pressured to be perfect, have the perfect body,  grades, car, house, food, holiday, girlfriend or boyfriend, style and even looks. Rhinoplasty could fix your nose but not your heart darling. Work on your heart first. Make- up could hide the flaws but how do you really feel about yourself? True beauty and confidence come from the heart.

I realized that nobody is perfect and no one will ever be. Even love, the most precious thing, not even bound by time and space, is imperfect. Life already has its own ups and downs and putting the pressure to be perfect on yourself is like forcefully pushing a pull door. It just won’t open unless you break it (shout out to those hinges). Truth is sometimes you’ve got to try a little pulling and pushing before you open the door. Try a whole bunch of keys before you get to the right one you know.

Love yourself, love your work, love where you are in your life, love your mistakes and your flaws, love your wild emotions, love that you don’t care about clothes and the latest brand of everything. Love where you came from and love your past. So that as you write your goals for the new year, you remember that all you have to do is your best. Not your parents’ best or friends’ best or lover’s best.  Your best should be enough for you.

You don’t have to look like Victoria Beckham, you just have to lose 2 kgs.  You don’t have to make dean’s list, you just have to improve on your grade. You don’t have to be vegetarian, you just have to cut your meat intake. You don’t have to write your blog weekly, but no matter what happens, keep writing. Whatever you want to do, do it for you and see how that works out. You are beautiful and you are phenomenal. Now go pick a book and get on writing your goals. Goals, not resolutions. To resolve means no turning back, and resolutions can be devastating but goals mean no matter how much you fall,  you keep trying.

Hey, this is psychic social and your first goal should be love, love is the key to understanding anyone.

Till next year

Savvvvvvvvvvvy goals


Chelsea Rachel.


P.s: I’ll share with you guys my goals for the year and my vision board on my first post of the year this weekend in case you’d like to see it. I’d also love it if you’d share yours with me in the comment section below. I’ll also share my plan for psychic social for 2019 together with that.

P.s.s: I understand that I was supposed to do tech savvy and how to be intelligent but I’ll do that with time. I just want to give you my best.

P.s.s.s: If any of my posts inspire you, share and inspire others too.

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Sexy- savvy

the one

There is so much pressure around us to be sexy and we go through so many extremes to look like what people term as ‘sexy’. But before I go on, I’d like you to know that sexy means different things to different people. I have my own idea of sexy and it is way different from the mainstream idea. This post is about you and how to be sexy in your own way and for yourself, not for anybody else.

What I understand to be the mainstream idea of sexy is mostly when it comes to the body and how we look. But it obviously isn’t limited to that. Some people find how you talk sexy, how you walk sexy and even your conduct sexy and that’s okay. People are different. For me, sexy is something different and here is what it is.

Sexy is intelligence. It is knowing what you truly want and making your decisions based on that and not anything else.

Sexy is keeping your word especially to people you truly value in your life.

Sexy is being confident in what you wear, having your own sense of style and respecting your own body.

Sexy is being kind and respectful to others and to yourself. It is loving yourself and caring for the people you love.

Sexy is saying no when you mean it.

Sexy is doing things for you and not because your friends need you to do it or because everyone else is doing it.

Sexy is having priorities in your life. Knowing who and what comes first in your life.

Sexy is making mistakes and moving on. Not tying yourself down to your own mistakes and allowing yourself to change despite what anyone else thinks.

Sexy is taking care of your body, mind, and soul. It means taking care of your inside and outside. It is keeping clean and being organized. It means eating what is good and healthy for your body and working out. It means praying and meditating. It means reading and educating yourself.

Sexy is having fun doing what you love. It is doing what you know is right at all times.

Sexy is having a positive attitude and knowing that you’ve got your own back and I’ve got your back.

Sexy is having friends that are truly out there for you, to support you and to love you. It means cutting off negative energy from your life respectfully.

Sexy is learning to say sorry when you are wrong. It is knowing that you are going to make mistakes and that you are not perfect and picking yourself right back up when you fall.

Sexy is sexy when you define it yourself. It is brave, courageous, assertive, confident, intelligent and hard-working. Sexy is being happy for yourself. It is being grateful for what you have and being interested in other people. Sexy is doing life big.

That is what sexy means to me. Try thinking about what sexy is to you. Define sexy for yourself and be just that. This way, you’ll attract people with the same kind of sexy into your life.

I’ve used Letitia Wright’s image for this blog, famously known as Shuri from the black panther. She’s focused, intelligent, kind and humble. Before she landed her role in black panther, she took time off of acting to seek God and search her heart. She was truly the love and the light of the movie and that is really really sexy.

So next time you want to look sexy, match that Coco Chanel bag with some confidence, the Tom Ford tie with some courage, the Victoria’s Secret perfume with some love and the Jimmy Choo shoes with some intelligence.

Do sexy for you.

Until next time,

Sexxxxxxy and Savvvvvvvvy



p.s:  I’m sorry I was a week late on this one.

P.s.s: Next time, we’re doing Tech- savvy.

P.s.s.s: After tech-savvy, we’ll do How to be intelligent.

P.s.s.s.s: I’ll be editing my other blogs as time goes by and adding new information because hey, I get new ideas everyday and I love to share them with you. It’s a savvy upgrading and you’re welcome to read or re-read any blog and share with others.

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I’ll unschool my kids… Here’s why


Wow, it’s been a loooooooooong time! But I’m back. If you haven’t been following, thank you for being here today. Here’s a link to know more about psychic social PSYCHIC SOCIAL: My passion project

Let’s get started! I’m excited!

The school system world over has been tailored to fill students with information, some of which is irrelevant to their passion let alone their career. I won’t even go to the evaluation system which has managed to produce productive individuals in the workforce but also denied others an opportunity to truly follow their dreams and be productive in the areas they wish to pursue.

I am however glad that the world is changing and I’m team transition. It’s never too early to want the best for your kids, future kids and other kids too. I’m here to start a conversation. I believe that education is the key but how we go about it is the master key.

Kids are more intelligent than we perceive them to be. They learn faster and it’s important to let them learn what they can while they are still young. This does not mean to impose information and learning on them but to develop their interests. Don’t wait for a certain age to take your kids to school to learn everything they know. Expose them to arts, languages, music, dancing, sports, poetry and whatever valuable skills necessary. Spark their interests and you’ll thank me later. Arts are not only an investment but because of neuroplasticity, they help the brain grow and become more intelligent. These arts, such as languages and music can be evaluated and a degree awarded. Your kids could have a degree by the time they are teenagers and earn money even as they pursue their university education.

Help your kids learn their ps and qs. Virtues are important and schools can help your kids unlearn virtues you teach them. School can be a source of gender confusion and atheism (subject to criticism). School also gives a false impression of having many friends who aren’t true friends. In schools, kids are more exposed to bullying and feeling unintelligent and unworthy through comparison of beauty, wealth, grades and influence. In most cases, kids who curse don’t have parents who curse. I’m not speaking of the West and I stand to be corrected. I also won’t be surprised if kids have to use gender-neutral bathrooms every day in schools in the near future. I understand that school can help kids with social skills and how to go through life situations, but so can music clubs, dance clubs and sports clubs. So the idea that school is the only place to make good friends and learn social skills is pretty outlandish.

So, what about education? All factors aside, i.e wealth, life situation e.t.c, I believe that home learning is the best up to a certain age then school can be considered. I would prefer to personally homeschool my kids, following a homeschool curriculum consistent with a formal school curriculum. A private tutor to assist is also a great idea, or a homeschool institution. It may also save more money and kids learn faster because the tutor goes at their pace. They also get to choose the subjects in line with their interests and if they don’t like it, it can be changed or covered in another year if necessary. This is because sometimes they don’t know what’s necessary and what’s best for them and it is important to guide them. Kids can cover two grades in a year! Kids can also have the evening off to attend music class or language class and play with their friends within the neighbourhood. They may also visit nearby cousins and help prepare dessert for dinner. How cool!

I believe however that the most important things that kids should learn is their identity and values. Kids may be well developed and start earning money while young but they need to know how be wise with their money and to treat others with respect. They need to know when to start exclusive relationships and how to go about them. They need to know when they are allowed to have smart phones. All these can be fit into a good home learning curriculum. Bible study for Christians can also have a daily schedule in their routine.

All that said, you don’t have to agree with me. As I said, I’m only here to start a conversation. But consider unschooling. It might be good for you and your kids too.

Until next time,

Education savvvvvvvvy,



P.s Thank you for being patient and keeping up with psychic social.

P.s.s Next week, we’ll talk about ‘Sexy-savvy’ ( For guys and ladies too).

P.s.s.s ‘Tech-savvy’ will follow thereafter.

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dont worry

I had a book full of handwritten quotes that I used to read almost every day. The silliest and most inspiring quotes you can think of, especially by Dr. Seuss. I thought it was fun, and motivating, only to realise much later that I used to read it to ‘cure’ my neuroticism.

Neuroticism (N) is one of the Big Five high order personality traits (also known as the Five Factor Model -FFM-). The other four include Agreeableness, Openness, Extraversion, and Conscientiousness.

I’m focusing on neuroticism today because it’s one of those traits you really need to be aware of… to your advantage. To begin with, everybody possesses some level of neuroticism. The difference comes whereby some are highly neurotic while others are low on neuroticism. This also applies to the other four personality traits.

What does it mean to be highly neurotic?

Unlike the other Big Five high order personality traits, neuroticism usually has a negative connotation. When you’re highly neurotic, you tend to worry more than you probably should. Neuroticism is usually related to anxiety, stress, depression, irritability, mood swings and other negative feelings. People that are highly neurotic are usually very sensitive, somewhat emotionally unstable and don’t like to be confronted.

Highly neurotic people are the kind of people who will fret over an assignment they didn’t complete or for not getting home early enough or for canceling a date with a friend. They are usually extremely worried about almost everything. Even for a lie they told five years ago.

One of the disadvantages of being highly neurotic is that you tend to be pessimistic about stuff. Instead of chilling and hoping that things will be okay, you probably constantly worry yourself out on something that might turn out right.  Another one is that you’re almost always anxious about stuff like meeting new people, talking to your seniors or even being approached by strangers. An advantage, however, is that you will finish your assignment early enough or thorough check all the work you do and study for an exam 5 weeks earlier so that you don’t have to worry about that later.

How to deal with Neuroticism

To begin with, Neuroticism is not a disorder but a personality trait. It only becomes a problem when it leads to disorders such as anxiety or stress disorders. It’s like being melancholic. Melancholic people just can’t help doing things perfectly or wanting stuff to be done perfectly.

One of the ways to ‘cure’ Neuroticism is, like I said, having quotes around you and stuff to encourage you. You may need encouraging jam songs or sticky notes on your fridge that tell you, ‘Hey, you got this.’ You may also have a planner so that you don’t forget to do things that matter to you otherwise it will come to haunt you sooner or later. Try reading or watching a motivational video every morning. You may also meditate every night for at least five minutes by calming yourself down, closing your eyes and saying, ‘I got this.’ Repeat this mantra until your five minutes are over and sleep happy.

If you’re highly neurotic like me here’s a quote for the week,

“When you think things are bad, when you feel sour and blue,
when you start to get mad…you should do what I do!
Just tell yourself, Duckie, you’re really quite lucky!
Some people are much more…oh, ever so much more…
oh, muchly much-much more unlucky than you!” ~Dr. Seuss

Till Sunday, Savvvvvvvvvvy personality











The first step towards a good friendship is actually being open to one. While it’s a bit hard to develop really close friendships today (and I’m doing a separate study on this), we can intentionally work towards having more friends. I find that the reason why we find it hard to click with others is our attitude towards people generally, how we perceive them and how we react on our first encounters. Today, I’m going to talk about ‘Being more open to friendships.’


First things first. Put down your phone. Whether you’re stuck in traffic, or you’re out on a dinner date or you’re waiting for your movie to start. Put it down, notice the people around you and talk to them. You don’t have to think of something brilliant to say. Start with ‘Hi’ then give them a compliment. You’ve got to start from somewhere.


The second thing you can do for me is to notice people’s eye-colour when you first meet them and give them a firm handshake. This helps you to maintain eye contact and appear more confident and interested in the person that they are. Get to know their name and mention it every once in a while during the interaction and also when you’re saying goodbye. Always tell them that you hope to see them again (even if you don’t) this makes you appear more charming and friendly.


Skip the small-talk especially if the encounter is a bit more intimate. Skipping small-talk makes you seem like a more interesting person and more willing to go past a casual encounter into a deeper, more meaningful friendship. Avoid sticking to a social script. Instead of asking them ‘ How was your day’, ask them about their passion, ask them what they think of the world, ask them what excites them the most, find out what they struggle with and what are the craziest things they’ve ever done. Learn to push some boundaries.


It’s good to show people who you truly are, right from the start but sometimes you need to pick your cards right. Sometimes yourself doesn’t let other people have the first say. Sometimes yourself is too proud or judgmental. Sometimes yourself doesn’t like to meet new people and sometimes yourself thinks that you’re always right. At these times, try not to be yourself and make an effort every single day to listen to others more. Look at every interaction like a project. One where you can practice and improve your social skills.


Maintain an open body posture and make sure your torso is facing them. Answer their questions openly and genuinely, even the more intimate ones. If they lean in for a hug, stay there for at least three seconds. Let the oxytocin do its job. Make people feel like they’ve known you forever and they should have met you earlier. And when you’re done with the conversation, make them walk away thinking… ‘Wow, s/he’s good!’

Till next Sunday, Savvvvvvy friendships,


P.s: Next time, we’re going to cover Neuroticism. See you then. Bye.