The Hybrid, not Categorized, let’s Recognize

girl in a group

I know what you’re thinking… She is going to yap on about technology. Far from it. In the world we live in today there are so many categories of people but I want to focus on the female gender….. Not that I’m a feminist in any kind of way and not that I am not, I just think that some girls have been forgotten in our society. Yes, we know the successful ones, the brave ones, the ladylike ones, the ones with muscular mannerisms but is there one forgotten in the midst of all of them? I think so.

Most of the categories of ladies we see are based on the characteristics I have named above. Is there one forgotten who doesn’t quite fit into these categories? Could there be ladies who are a little bit of all of them and are just not able to fit in? That is how we are as human beings. We want to belong and when we don’t, we change to suit other people. However, there are those who do not change for anyone and anything, but they are not exposed on the TV screens or known to everyone because they are a given few. I’m not going to talk about those ladies either.

Without further ado, let me dive right in (the actual song ringing in my head… You know the one). This lady is confident -like the successful woman- being in control of things, hard-working, determined. She is also like the brave lady, soldiering on through whatever situation there may be. Then also like the ladylike one, behaving maturely in every way, making the right decisions and being respected as an adult. Finally, she is also the one with boyish mannerisms. She could tell you a whole lot of information on football and you would wonder why she knows all that. She could hang out like one of the boys and you could even go forward to call her “brathee” (which is equivalent to bro/bruh depending on where you’re coming from). She plays games, Fifa most especially.

I know some may wonder what I am saying but just follow through I’m getting to the point. She is like a hybrid of all the ladies we know and love yet she is never brought into the limelight. Not that she wants the attention but she wants recognition. While being a hybrid of all those categories seems fun, it may not always be that way in the life of that girl.

Case in point, close your eyes and assume you are her, sitting with a group of guys discussing football… In that crowd is someone you have had your eye on for a while… Could probably say a crush….you pour out all the knowledge on football you have, well you do have it, just as you think he is responding to you in a manner likely to suggest he feels the same way he tells you “Poa brathee”, landing you into the friend zone just like that. Because of who you are, they will never see you as a lady but as one of the guys.

Situations like these make her switch off and disconnect from other people..they do not understand. No one does. Thus, I give you the hybrid, a kind of lady, they may be someone close to you. Recognise her.

Let’s get savvvvvvy people,

Yours, Kampala


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Love Languages

love languages

My last relationship failed partly because I didn’t know how to communicate ( and partly because I couldn’t dance😀). There were certain things that I should have decoded but I didn’t because I simply didn’t realize it then. That’s why I’d like to save your relationship today through these five love languages by Gary Chapman, which include physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service and receiving gifts.

1. Physical touch

Physical touch is one of the greatest ways to express love. It’s usually very effective because with physical touch, the hormone oxytocin is released which is the hormone for love. It builds up trust and the ‘we belong to each other feeling’ between lovers and friends. Some people need more physical touch than others and this is what I want you to identify. If you feel loved best through physical touch then this is your love language.

2. Words of affirmation

Are you the kind of people who like to hear ‘I love you’ or ‘you’re beautiful’ every now and then? Then this is your love language. Compliments and words of appreciation go a long way in making you feel loved.

3. Quality time

I just love it when someone goes out of their way to spend time with me and if you do too then this is just for you.

4. Acts of service

Some people really appreciate favours more than anything else. Try getting them a glass of water next time when they need one. Thank me later.

5. Receiving gifts

Well, all of us like to receive a good gift during Christmas or our birthdays but this isn’t what I’m talking about. A thoughtful gift every once in a while is a great way to express love to people who really appreciate gifts.

That’s it for love languages. Know what makes your loved ones tick by identifying their love language and you’ll win them over. Remember, everybody appreciates all the five love languages but finding which ones they appreciate more lets you know what to focus on.

Till next Sunday, be savvvvvvvy with your love.



P.s: I’d like you to give you my best this year therefore I’ll be welcoming intelligent and savvy guests who are willing to share their knowledge. Stay hooked.




Psychic Social: My Passion Project


savvy by heart

Ever wanted to know more about yourself and others without even asking? You’ve come to the right place! Thank you for joining Psychic Social. I’m Chelsea and I’m gonna be your investigator. I’d really like to serve you this year and you can help me do that by following this blog.

Psychic Social is meant to make your life so much easier. The best part is that I aspire to get this relationship (between me and you) from off the screen to actually meeting you and living life together. With hundreds of surveys (which are ongoing) and research, I’m gonna help you understand yourself and other people. I hope to establish 5 online units this year and a lab. Some of the cool stuff I’m going to cover are interviews, personality types, Friendships, love languages, intelligence, music, romance, social skills, how to be financially savvy and most importantly how to be savvy by heart.

To be savvy by heart means that you’re going to be awesome without even trying. Remember the time you went around the corridor just to avoid meeting someone? This is the end of that kind of stuff. You’re just about to take on the world with utmost confidence and radiate that kind of stuff everywhere you go.

Till next Sunday, be savvvvvvy by heart,


Savvy by Heart

Know your A-game

I came up with Psychic Social to help you find your purpose (to be savvy by heart) because you mean a lot to me. This is the year I want people around me to live out the best life they have ever lived and I’m gonna help them do just that through this website. If you’re looking for something precise and objective to help you in your studies, your business, your social life and just your person then voila!

It’s such a beautiful life and we should all live intentionally, serving others and savoring every moment. With my first survey being on personality types, which most of you already know about, I’d like to find out more about the people I interact with on Psychic Social so that I can intentionally post content geared towards helping them at a personal level.

In case you’re wondering what ‘Psychic Social’ and ‘Savvy by heart’ means, drop by on Sunday. I’ll officially introduce you to Psychic Social and tell you what we’re (me and you) gonna do this year.

Thanks for your beautiful soul & savvvvvvvvvvy heart.