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There is so much pressure around us to be sexy and we go through so many extremes to look like what people term as ‘sexy’. But before I go on, I’d like you to know that sexy means different things to different people. I have my own idea of sexy and it is way different from the mainstream idea. This post is about you and how to be sexy in your own way and for yourself, not for anybody else.

What I understand to be the mainstream idea of sexy is mostly when it comes to the body and how we look. But it obviously isn’t limited to that. Some people find how you talk sexy, how you walk sexy and even your conduct sexy and that’s okay. People are different. For me, sexy is something different and here is what it is.

Sexy is intelligence. It is knowing what you truly want and making your decisions based on that and not anything else.

Sexy is keeping your word especially to people you truly value in your life.

Sexy is being confident in what you wear, having your own sense of style and respecting your own body.

Sexy is being kind and respectful to others and to yourself. It is loving yourself and caring for the people you love.

Sexy is saying no when you mean it.

Sexy is doing things for you and not because your friends need you to do it or because everyone else is doing it.

Sexy is having priorities in your life. Knowing who and what comes first in your life.

Sexy is making mistakes and moving on. Not tying yourself down to your own mistakes and allowing yourself to change despite what anyone else thinks.

Sexy is taking care of your body, mind, and soul. It means taking care of your inside and outside. It is keeping clean and being organized. It means eating what is good and healthy for your body and working out. It means praying and meditating. It means reading and educating yourself.

Sexy is having fun doing what you love. It is doing what you know is right at all times.

Sexy is having a positive attitude and knowing that you’ve got your own back and I’ve got your back.

Sexy is having friends that are truly out there for you, to support you and to love you. It means cutting off negative energy from your life respectfully.

Sexy is learning to say sorry when you are wrong. It is knowing that you are going to make mistakes and that you are not perfect and picking yourself right back up when you fall.

Sexy is sexy when you define it yourself. It is brave, courageous, assertive, confident, intelligent and hard-working. Sexy is being happy for yourself. It is being grateful for what you have and being interested in other people. Sexy is doing life big.

That is what sexy means to me. Try thinking about what sexy is to you. Define sexy for yourself and be just that. This way, you’ll attract people with the same kind of sexy into your life.

I’ve used Letitia Wright’s image for this blog, famously known as Shuri from the black panther. She’s focused, intelligent, kind and humble. Before she landed her role in black panther, she took time off of acting to seek God and search her heart. She was truly the love and the light of the movie and that is really really sexy.

So next time you want to look sexy, match that Coco Chanel bag with some confidence, the Tom Ford tie with some courage, the Victoria’s Secret perfume with some love and the Jimmy Choo shoes with some intelligence.

Do sexy for you.

Until next time,

Sexxxxxxy and Savvvvvvvvy



p.s:  I’m sorry I was a week late on this one.

P.s.s: Next time, we’re doing Tech- savvy.

P.s.s.s: After tech-savvy, we’ll do How to be intelligent.

P.s.s.s.s: I’ll be editing my other blogs as time goes by and adding new information because hey, I get new ideas everyday and I love to share them with you. It’s a savvy upgrading and you’re welcome to read or re-read any blog and share with others.

Disclaimer: The image used in this blog has been retrieved from I am Letitia









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