To Dallas

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I am so really grateful for you guys. I’m grateful for your love and your support and your inspiration this year. You have truly been a blessing. I am also very thankful to have readers from all over the world. Thanks, internet. I really truly absolutely love you all. I’d like to do a 2018 year’s review and it would be very nice of you to give me your feedback on what you liked, what you didn’t like and how I can improve Psychic Social. Also, comment below if you’d like to write for Psychic Social.

Psychic Social has managed to write 10 blog posts this year with 2 authors, thanks Kampala. Our readers are mainly from Kenya, South Africa, and the USA. We have reached over 300 views. That’s an average of 30 per post. Thanks guys so much. My heart goes out to our readers. Y’all have made this possible. I hope that Psychic Social has helped you learn how to manage yourself, others and what you have. Thanks also for being savvvvvvy by heart. We can all make life easier and the world a better place.

Next year’s theme is: To Dallas. I usually pick a city I’m really interested in each year and try to learn about the people, their values, favourite places, accent, food and more. I’d like you to join me in learning about Dallas.

So till next year,

To Dallas

Stay Savvvvvvvvy

Yours with love,


Disclaimer: The image used in this post been retrieved from Dallas

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We’re All Made Of Hinges

We're all made of hinges


It’s New Year’s Eve and I am so grateful for the blessings y’all have been in 2018. Thank you for being so patient even if I haven’t posted every week like I promised. I hoped to just wind up the year today but I’m going to write as usual then do a different blog to wind up the year. That way you get 2 blog posts today! I hope that I have been an inspiration and wish to inspire you today even as the year ends.

For now, let’s jump right in!

‘Don’t be too hard on yourself,’ one of my very best friends James said this to me not too long ago after I got beaten down by reckless words. For someone who I’ve spent a lot of time with to tell me this, probably means that it’s something he has observed and probably knows how hard I am on myself.

I knew right away that something had to change. And all this is probably because of my Neuroticism. I’m a worrier and partly a perfectionist. We are all pressured to be perfect, have the perfect body,  grades, car, house, food, holiday, girlfriend or boyfriend, style and even looks. Rhinoplasty could fix your nose but not your heart darling. Work on your heart first. Make- up could hide the flaws but how do you really feel about yourself? True beauty and confidence come from the heart.

I realized that nobody is perfect and no one will ever be. Even love, the most precious thing, not even bound by time and space, is imperfect. Life already has its own ups and downs and putting the pressure to be perfect on yourself is like forcefully pushing a pull door. It just won’t open unless you break it (shout out to those hinges). Truth is sometimes you’ve got to try a little pulling and pushing before you open the door. Try a whole bunch of keys before you get to the right one you know.

Love yourself, love your work, love where you are in your life, love your mistakes and your flaws, love your wild emotions, love that you don’t care about clothes and the latest brand of everything. Love where you came from and love your past. So that as you write your goals for the new year, you remember that all you have to do is your best. Not your parents’ best or friends’ best or lover’s best.  Your best should be enough for you.

You don’t have to look like Victoria Beckham, you just have to lose 2 kgs.  You don’t have to make dean’s list, you just have to improve on your grade. You don’t have to be vegetarian, you just have to cut your meat intake. You don’t have to write your blog weekly, but no matter what happens, keep writing. Whatever you want to do, do it for you and see how that works out. You are beautiful and you are phenomenal. Now go pick a book and get on writing your goals. Goals, not resolutions. To resolve means no turning back, and resolutions can be devastating but goals mean no matter how much you fall,  you keep trying.

Hey, this is psychic social and your first goal should be love, love is the key to understanding anyone.

Till next year

Savvvvvvvvvvvy goals


Chelsea Rachel.


P.s: I’ll share with you guys my goals for the year and my vision board on my first post of the year this weekend in case you’d like to see it. I’d also love it if you’d share yours with me in the comment section below. I’ll also share my plan for psychic social for 2019 together with that.

P.s.s: I understand that I was supposed to do tech savvy and how to be intelligent but I’ll do that with time. I just want to give you my best.

P.s.s.s: If any of my posts inspire you, share and inspire others too.

Disclaimer: The image in this blog has been retrieved from New year