Beyond the Stars

Music makes me happy as it does everyone, and for the longest time, I didn’t just want to listen to music but to be able to make and feel music. I started writing songs when I was in primary school. I wrote cheesy songs, happy songs, crazy songs, gospel and everything everything. I made the tunes and even directed the videos in my head. I couldn’t (and still can’t sing like Sia) neither could I play any instrument, but I loved making music nonetheless.

My love for country music led me to wanna play the guitar. So me and my coloured braids enrolled in a class and it was amazing. Obviously I very much liked the idea of being a guitarist and forgot that it actually needed work. And I struggled and I struggled because music just doesn’t come naturally to me. I quit. I quit playing the guitar after learning quite a lot and being able to play most songs since I had learnt all the basic chords.

After a while, my dad so graciously bought a piano and I got interested in the piano. We already had a teacher coming to teach my younger siblings so it was very convenient for me to start playing the piano, and I did. And I’m still playing and learning more so recently since I figured it could as well turn into my career. I do online lessons from pianote since the pianists on there are pretty easy to understand. I particularly remember feeling inspired when one teacher said “Sky is the limit”. Pfffff we’ve all heard that before but the way she said it right at my moment of struggle really inspired me not only musically but generally.

Sky is the limit

My morning devotion today was about not giving up especially when you’ve tried so hard and you’re not yielding anything. There are those moments when you’ve given your project everything you’ve got but you still feel like you’re just not getting there. You scold yourself over and over saying that “If I truly would have done my best, then I wouldn’t be struggling so much right now. I’d be a professional pianist.” But that’s not true. You’ve done your best and that’s what matters. You need to honour your struggle. Nothing comes easy; so no matter how little progress you make, you need to appreciate that you’re not where you started.

‘Sky is the limit’ not people, not books, not money. Comparing yourself to others may discourage you. Some people are fast learners and others don’t have to make so much effort as you do to achieve something. Instead of complaining, enjoy your learning and trust the process. Don’t limit yourself to books too. Explore and find your own creativity and awesomeness.

Beyond the stars

When you reach the sky, go beyond the stars, there’s only space up there and not down here. That’s why it’s called space. You’re free to be anything you want to be. Have a plan, a vision board and lastly, believe. It’s so much easier to believe than to not.

Until next time,

Beyond savvvvvvvy,



Photo in this blog taken by Chelsea




Corner Couch

All alone, whether you like it or not, alone is something you’ll be quite a lot

∼Dr. Seuss

Picture this: 

You’re waiting for a friend somewhere. It could be by the road, in a coffee shop, a restaurant or just any random social place. It’s been 5 minutes and they haven’t arrived yet. You’re practically glancing at your watch every second, getting pretty impatient. A random person comes and stands/sits by you, probably waiting for someone too or just minding their own business. It starts getting pretty awkward after a while and you’re thinking that this person thinks you’re idle or bored. Then you remember that you have company. You’re phone. Lifesaver. But you have nothing to do with your phone and even if you do, you’re too anxious to concentrate or annoyed at your friend for being so late. So you scroll through random apps or listen to music -unless you’re the selfie- taking millennial you should be- and you heave a sigh of relief as your friend arrives.

I’ve been in such awkward situations before but not anymore. Not because people started coming early or because I’m the one who arrives late and absolutely not because I never have my phone. I do. But I have a reason and I’ll tell you why.

Corner Couch

We’re not comfortable with being alone and worse, we’re not comfortable with people thinking that we’re alone. That’s why our first instinct when we’re alone around people is to pull out our phone even we have absolutely nothing to do with it. This is not only toxic because it shows that we care a little too much about what people think but also because it shows that we can’t be be our own company (which in turn shows that we have a poor relationship with ourselves).

So the first problem but definitely not the worst, is that we care a little too much about what other people think. We pull out our phones not because we want to, but as a reaction to other people’s thoughts or feelings. The moment we prioritize what other people think instead of paying attention to our own thoughts, we forfeit our own peace of mind. The only time we should care about other people’s thoughts is when we need their feedback or ideas about an issue or maybe a project, in order to see whether we are heading in the right direction. But at the end of the day, their word should not be final but ours. On top of that, the only time other people’s opinions should matter is when you can truly trust that they want the best for you and you can logically see that it is the best decision to make. Otherwise, other people’s thoughts, feelings or opinions on your life are trash and should stay in their heads.

The second problem and the worst is that we have a poor relationship with ourselves. We’re not used to being our own company and we don’t know what to do when we find ourselves alone. That’s why we consult our phones, which as a matter of fact cannot replace the comfort, interaction and life that we find in the heart to heart contact with a human, even ourselves. And then you ask, “But Chelsea, what should I do as I wait for my ride to work?” Worry no more because I’m gonna show you how take the corner couch and be comfortable in it in just 1 step.

Acknowledge that you’re alone and i’ts okay to be alone. People are probably too busy minding their own business so don’t fret. Take two deep breaths and just be grateful for life. Remind yourself that you are your best company. Notice things and people. Be happy and look around. See the beauty around you as you hear the background of human chit chat. Take notice of people’s fashion and kindness. Feel the warmth of the sun or watch the rain as it drops. Read a book if you have one. Talk to someone if you can. Complement someone. Check in on your thoughts and keep them positive. Dream and live. Think about someone you love. Order a cup of coffee and a croissant if you can and feel the flavours. Give a tip. 

If you learn to spend time alone, you’re not only enjoying yourself but also you don’t have to be around toxic people just because you’re afraid of being alone. I know that it’s not easy to do but like everything else, it needs effort and practice. Grab a cup of coffee and a book, take the corner couch and get fuzzy.

To be alone is not to be lonely

Until next time,

Alone and Savvvvvvvvvy,

Chelsea with hearts.


-Photo in this post taken by Chelsea.