Beyond the Stars

Music makes me happy as it does everyone, and for the longest time, I didn’t just want to listen to music but to be able to make and feel music. I started writing songs when I was in primary school. I wrote cheesy songs, happy songs, crazy songs, gospel and everything everything. I made the tunes and even directed the videos in my head. I couldn’t (and still can’t sing like Sia) neither could I play any instrument, but I loved making music nonetheless.

My love for country music led me to wanna play the guitar. So me and my coloured braids enrolled in a class and it was amazing. Obviously I very much liked the idea of being a guitarist and forgot that it actually needed work. And I struggled and I struggled because music just doesn’t come naturally to me. I quit. I quit playing the guitar after learning quite a lot and being able to play most songs since I had learnt all the basic chords.

After a while, my dad so graciously bought a piano and I got interested in the piano. We already had a teacher coming to teach my younger siblings so it was very convenient for me to start playing the piano, and I did. And I’m still playing and learning more so recently since I figured it could as well turn into my career. I do online lessons from pianote since the pianists on there are pretty easy to understand. I particularly remember feeling inspired when one teacher said “Sky is the limit”. Pfffff we’ve all heard that before but the way she said it right at my moment of struggle really inspired me not only musically but generally.

Sky is the limit

My morning devotion today was about not giving up especially when you’ve tried so hard and you’re not yielding anything. There are those moments when you’ve given your project everything you’ve got but you still feel like you’re just not getting there. You scold yourself over and over saying that “If I truly would have done my best, then I wouldn’t be struggling so much right now. I’d be a professional pianist.” But that’s not true. You’ve done your best and that’s what matters. You need to honour your struggle. Nothing comes easy; so no matter how little progress you make, you need to appreciate that you’re not where you started.

‘Sky is the limit’ not people, not books, not money. Comparing yourself to others may discourage you. Some people are fast learners and others don’t have to make so much effort as you do to achieve something. Instead of complaining, enjoy your learning and trust the process. Don’t limit yourself to books too. Explore and find your own creativity and awesomeness.

Beyond the stars

When you reach the sky, go beyond the stars, there’s only space up there and not down here. That’s why it’s called space. You’re free to be anything you want to be. Have a plan, a vision board and lastly, believe. It’s so much easier to believe than to not.

Until next time,

Beyond savvvvvvvy,



Photo in this blog taken by Chelsea




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