The real change



Every new year, we make up resolutions and goals to inspire us to go forth and achieve certain things during the year. Now I’m not going to go into whether we achieve them or not. That we’ll talk about later. My real concern here is when the real new year is and how it should be celebrated.

Your birthday is one of the most important days to take stock and change your habits for the better. Yes, we never stop making resolutions because we can always improve on different areas of our lives and become better people. I’m writing this post a week before my birthday because I’m taking stock and seeing what areas of my life I’ve done well and what really needs to change. Starting a week earlier will give me enough time to clear my head and work on myself. Also, I’m starting my 3rd year of university next week so I’ll also have a plan for my academic year. I’ve never done this before but I’m going to start and I want to share my plan with you because it could be helpful whether your birthday is fast approaching or is in the next year. You could always look back at this blog for reference.

Here are a few things to do before your birthday for a successful year.

1. Be grateful 

Acknowledge that you’ve come so far and be grateful for another year added to your life. That means that you still have a lot to fulfill in life and you’ve got to work out ways to fulfill them. Write down what you’re grateful for in a notebook.

2. Your notebook

You need to have 2 notebooks every year. One for the start of the year and the other when you turn a year older. Why? The first one is where you write your goals, daily plan and track your progress. The next one is where you write what you’re grateful for, spiritual matters, how you’re feeling, songs you like, poems to inspire, books you plan on reading, how to think positively or how you want to inspire others. (See my birthday notebook above).

3. Get a GOOD book

A good book while inspire you and change your perspective. Write a realistic list of books you will be reading as the year goes by to remind you to keep dreaming big and working on your goals. I’m now reading ‘The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck’ by  Mark Manson and my perspective about things is changing. I’m now learning what I should really care about in life.

4. Take care of yourself 

Monitor your health. Are your eating habits alright? Is there something you need to change in your diet? You could also do a general medical check up to ensure you’re in good health. Have you been exercising? Do you eat fruits and vegetables? Do you take enough water? Is your skin and hair healthy? Could you be using any harmful products? Do you monitor your screen time? These are the questions to be answered in your birthday notebook.

5. Relationships

You need to have healthy relationships with others. This is the time to forgive yourself and forgive others. Make things right and be intentional about your relationship with other people.

6. Review

Do a review of your previous year in your birthday notebook. Look at what you have achieved. Whether you’re happy with what you’re doing, who you are and who you’re with e.g your career choice, job, friends and lover. Check on your financial status and how you can improve on it. Save more if you need to.

7. Get a theme

Write down what your year will be about. You can have a theme and remind yourself every morning about it. Your theme could be ‘Hygge’, ‘Grace, love, light’, ‘Grind, God, Focus’. Just about anything that will inspire you.

8. Fabulous

Fabulous is an app that will help you develop good habits. It reminds you to read your bible, be grateful, drink water, eat healthy. You could take 10 minutes daily to set up habits and track your progress using this app. So download it and see what works for you.

9. Be ready

Prepare your mind for change. Be optimistic and purposeful about this change. Go without fear and without turning back, And in those bad days when you forget why you started, open your notebook. This is why you need to write things down.

10. Plan on how you want to spend you want to spend your birthday

Write what you’ll do when you wake up, where you want to spend your birthday, what you’re going to eat, who you want to spend your birthday with. You don’t have to spend so much money on this day if you don’t have the means. Doing this may start your new year on a really bad note. What’s more important than spending so much money on this day is how you’re feeling. Stay happy, stay positive.

Until next time,

21 and still savvvvvvy,